Saturday, October 25, 2008


I don't know what is wrong with blogger, but I haven't been able to post any pictures today. I tried posting some sketches and layouts, and despite resizing them, they still are huge and half cut off. I'm frustrated and going to bed.


~Christina~ said...

I was getting frustrated by the same problem. It is not just you. I got around it by not uploading them directly from blogger. If you go into picasa which is the photo hosting for blogger and go into settings and set it to allow you to email photos to upload it...then just email them as attachments to the address they give worked just fine for me. won't need that tidbit and everything will be fixed by morning =)

Kate said...

I thought it was just me coz I was loading them onto my new blog and coldn't figure out what was going on.In the ebd I ended up resizing them and making them tiny!!

Carol A. said...

Sorry you are having such problems Deb...I just worked on my blog and didn't have any problems posting pics from my computer. Hopefully it's all good now and we will see some eye candy from you tomorrow!